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Coming from a traditional provençal grape variety, this vintage offers you a fine and delicate wine. White flower and mineral flavor. It is as enjoyable in a pre-dinner drink, as it is with crustaceans or a seafood plate.


A truly fine and elegant wine, mixing up freshness and amplitude. We can find beautiful notes of wineyard peach and slight touch of rose and litchi.A gastronomic dedicated Rosé.


It’s a generous wine which takes it’s personnality from the heart of it’s unique and bright terroir. Its’s color is ruby red. It’s bouquet radiate a wonderful fruit and spicy flavour. This wine has a very tannic and fruity mouth feel. The final touch is expressive.


An elevated robe, beautiful bright red color. A wide and generous mouth feel. Some melted tannin, red fruit and spicies. A generous and weel balanced wine. Wine batch without added sulphite.

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Découvrez à travers ces quelques photos toute la beauté du Domaine Vounière

About Domaine Vounière

From generation of wine-grower, our familly cultivate the land and the vine with love and passion. Our wines are the expression of a well balanced mix between tradition terroir and expertise.

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Since 1962 Vouniere’s land are being cultivated by the familly. First Henri who leave the land to his son in 1994. Then Christian make the leap by establishing organic farming and finish join together the 15 hectares of wineyard and 2.5 hectares of olive tree surrounded by 23 hectares of forest, which today, form the Domaine VOUNIERE.
With the help of his sons naturally ensuring continuity, we now work this land in Biodynamic agriculture.


In the respect of tradition, our product is the reflection our extraordinary terroir. Pesticide free, weedkiller free and GMO free. Always natural yeast and no addition of technical product.
Indeed the full ripeness of our fruit the wether and our expertise create unique wines, vehicle for emotions.

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Conscious that more than ever we must protect our earth, we make sure to have the tinniest impact but without sacrificing an inch of quality.
Our  Rosé and Blanc bottles corks are made of natural sugar cane fiber, 100% renewable and neutral carbon footprint. Rouge corks are made of cork oak.
Cardboard recycled, 20% less material used in order to consume less, twice less sticky.
We are associate and we pay contributions to ADELPHE, an ecologic-cardboard and better trash management branch.

Earth and it’s ground doesn’t belong to us, we only are the guardians for futur generations…